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Journal last updated: Thursday, June 30th 2011 at 7:24 PM
Lucky egg @ 15% off! Yes!

Clicking Status: If I'm online and don't click back either a) clicking back later or b) busy and only came to do daycare/underground. Other than that when I'm online I'll usually click.
Clicking Policy: I click back full parties. I also always feed correct berries. Even if you only click once I will click back your whole party, but please don't take advantage of this. Also, many times on weekends I do not have the time to click, just s little warning. ^.^ Another thing, sometimes I will also clickback any new eggs/pokemon you get in your party.

Hello there, glad to see someone stumbled upon my party. So, uh... welcome?

Saving up for:
Number of Shinies: 3
Most Interactions in One Day: 12,756
Clicking Goals:
[X]Get total interactions above 50,000
[ ]Get total interactions above 75,000
[ ]Get total interactions above 100,000
[X]Click 5,000 in a day
[X]Click 10,000 in a day.
[ ]Average 500 a day
[ ] 50 Achievements
[ ] 100 Achievements
[ ] All Kanto Badges
[ ] All Johto Badges
[ ] All Hoenn Badges
[ ] All Sinnoh Badges
[ ] All Unova Badges
[ ] All Badges
Other Goals:
[X]Get a Novelty
[X]Get Winter Vulpix
[X]Get all starters
[X]200 unique Pokémon obtained
[X]300 unique Pokémon obtained
[ ]400 unique Pokémon obtained
[X]Start Living Dex
[ ]25-48
[ ]26-72

Pal Pad:
I click the people on my palpad everyday, but because a couple of inactive people added me to their palpad (and I know it seems trivial, but it was just starting to annoy me) I do not click people who have added me. HOWEVER, if I notice that someone who has added me is active and clicking, then I will add them to my palpad. Besides as long as you click me, you still get clickbacks so don't worry about this.
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