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 Corrupted Backup

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Points: 812,084
Pass Orbs: 23

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Prize Points: 186
Ranking: 555
Joined: Fri. Apr. 17/09
Last seen: Sun. Oct. 20/19 (Desktop)
User group: Donors
From: United States
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    Lv. 100

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    Lv. 100

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    Lv. 100

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    Lv. 100

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      —Pokémon Egg

    3,840/3,840 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
    Views: 20
    Unique Views: 41
    Interactions: 22

Corrupted Backup's Profile

Journal last updated: Friday, October 11th 2019 at 9:13 PM
Current LV 100's:

Tharjo the Sandslash
Obvi the Bellossom
Kats the Xatu
Thor the Bellossom
Serious the Luxray
Cup Cake the Luxray
Thirty the Luxray
Freddy Bear the Honchkrow
Herbert the Braviary
LA the Typhlosion
Wallis the Oricorio
Graves the Typhlosion
HZ the Typhlosion
Pega Pony the Mega Gardevoir
Camus the Granbull
Kousagi the Valentacruel
Amox the Tentacruel
Krom the Relicanth
Slow the Slowking
Valiko the Wigglytuff
Donny the Slowking
Duma the Mega Scizor
Open Canvas the Ditto
Vako the Wigglytuff
Morgan Le Fey the Wailord
Kjelle the Gigalith
Daeko the Wigglytuff
Oli the Oricorio
Tsuki the Azumarill
Azuri the Azumarill
Daydream the Oricorio
Puu the Mrs. Hariyama
Mita the Azumarill
Fire Upon Us the Azumarill
Elly the Azelf
Verg the Azumarill
Owina the Oricorio
Germany the Mr. Mime
Pickles the Milotic
Sports Drink the Granbull
Helen the Granbull
Ursula the Cheerim
Lazina the Linoone
Selenity the Granbull
Akane the Granbull
Lady Morgan the Talonflame
Marco the Greninja
Owain the Swoobat
Lissa the Xatu
Azure the Granbull
Cornflower the Granbull
Pisces the Pyroar
Kodae the Wigglytuff
Gray the Granbull
Crows the Granbull
Lon qu the Mega Venusaur
Cami the Granbull
Linfan the Oricorio
Camel the Oricorio
Zeta the Malamar
Ward the Excadrill
Laz the Wigglytuff
drink the Dugtrio
Pink the Musharna
Cako the Granbull
Toothbrush the Mega Scizor
Reggaeton the Medicham
Silver Crystal the Mega Scizor
Friend shaped the Mega Scizor
Trickster the Furfrou
Kpop the Medicham
Noelle the Furfrou
Trance the Mega Medicham
Frettchen the Linoone
R and B the Mega Medicham
Monodramon the Kyurem
Mach weiter the Linoone
Waschbar the Linoone
Winzig the Linoone
Zickzack the Linoone
Shower the Wailord
Winter Lunch the Mega Abomasnow
Lusamine the Nihilego
Hindernis the Linoone
Streifen the Linoone
Batman the Torterra
Grahamy the Mega Ampharos
Wiesel the Linoone
Rauschen the Linoone
Midnight the Lunatone and Morning Sun the Solrock
Goaliesanity the Mismagius
Corrupted Backup has no recent activity.

Corrupted Backup's Showcased Achievements

OCD (Aug 14/10)
Bringer of Legends (May 13/13)
Playing Hard to Get (May 18/11)
Getting kinda creepy... (Jul 21/11)
Safari Warden (Aug 13/10)
Shiny Collector (May 7/12)
Great Success! (Aug 30/10)
Feed a Country (Oct 14/16)

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