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 Corrupted Backup

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Points: 261,422
Pass Orbs: 58

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Prize Points: 144
Ranking: 567
Joined: Fri. Apr. 17/09
Last seen: Mon. Oct. 26/20 (Desktop)
User group: Donors
From: United States
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  • Alice
      —Autumn Tropius

    Lv. 22: 3,544/16,400

  • Beatrice
      —Autumn Tropius

    Lv. 20: 16,356/16,400

  • Spain
      —Autumn Tropius

    Lv. 23: 233/16,400

  • FillInTheBlank

    Lv. 70: 9,931/10,000

  • Unhatched
      —Pokémon Egg

    20,480/20,480 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
    Views: 1
    Unique Views: 6
    Interactions: 100

Corrupted Backup's Profile

Journal last updated: Saturday, October 24th 2020 at 12:58 AM
Current LV 100's:

Prtnre the Nihilego
Howse the Furret
Dudu the Wigglytuff
Adri the Wigglytuff
Sil the Wigglytuff
Cole the Magcargo
Voices the Furret
Sylvie the Wigglytuff
Adrienne the Wigglytuff
Gil the Honchkrow
Magic the Exeggcutor
AAAA the Swanna
Multiverse the Miltank
Laurence the Hitmonlee
Indigogo the Furret
Squirttrio the Icy Kingdra
Valentine the Necrozma
Panne the Carbink
Ghost the Carbink
Fergus the Carnivine
Springtrap the Carnivine
Hockey Mask the Carracosta
BirthdayBoyBlam the Nihilego
Loser the Nidoking
Blank Slate the Ditto
Canada the Celebi
Geri the Butterfree
Sweetie Belle the Castform
Kelsop the Espeon
Morticia the Zebstrika
Grill the Carnivine
Ref the Chandelure
Gan-grill the Espeon
Canadian Guy the Espeon
Resplendent the Espeon
Keaton the Liepard
Laslow the Easter Lopunny
Matsuki the Mega Tyranitar and Sliper the Dark Arbok
Kapranos the Galvantula
Chiyo the Claydol
Dian the Umbreon
Diana the Scrafty
Jimmy Carr the Mega Scizor
Chonsin the Wigglytuff
Kipling the Eldegoss
Sean the Zebstrika
Beren the Weavile
Syalla the Mrs. Hariyama and Read the Santa Hariyama
Ben the Lanturn
Mononoke the Oricorio
Empty Shell the Ditto
Solstice the Solrock and Equinox the Lunatone
Shutrio the Icy Kingdra
Kaya the Oricorio
Milan the Shiny Mega Swampert
Lunar the Butterfree
Beat the Butterfree
Lon the Butterfree
Shroom the Whiscash
Chandra the Braviary
Selfish the Umbreon
Yatrio the Icy Kingdra
Babylon the Pyroar
Jade Moon the Mr. Mime
Romana the Melonait
Paesh the Azumarill
Malachite the Haxorus
Twitter the Haxorus
Chibi-Chibi the Azelf
Henry the Azelf
Squirtya the Icy Kingdra
Setsuko the Oricorio
Morg the Espeon
Coruscant the Octillerage
Rory the Furfrou
Midnight the Lunatone and Morning Star the Solrock
Shuyaro the Icy Kingdra
Yasquirt the Kingdra
Bob-omb the Summer Mamoswine
Red the Hitmonlee
Amnesia the Hitmontop
Severa the Simock and Noire the Altaria
GGGG the Swanna
Goth Rock the Hitmontop
Landeskog the Staraptor
Cirnea the Zygarde
Corrupted Backup has no recent activity.

Corrupted Backup's Showcased Achievements

OCD (Aug 14/10)
Bringer of Legends (May 13/13)
Playing Hard to Get (May 18/11)
Getting kinda creepy... (Jul 21/11)
Safari Warden (Aug 13/10)
Shiny Collector (May 7/12)
Great Success! (Aug 30/10)
Feed a Country (Oct 14/16)

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