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Points: 230,962
Pass Orbs: 2,194

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Prize Points: 591
Ranking: 812
Joined: Sat. Sep. 17/11
Last seen: Tue. Feb. 4/20 (Desktop)
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From: Australia
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Colanopy's Profile

Journal last updated: Wednesday, April 15th 2015 at 9:02 AM
This is a journal. Informative.
3 digit ranking!
Shiny Goals: Phione --> Froakie --> Icy Horsea --> Squirtle Clone --> Winter Vulpix

DOUBLE Shiny MissingNo.!!!!!!
Living Dex complete!
I reached 1000 pokechests!
I reached 1000 prizepoints!
I reached 1000 pass orbs!
I reached 1,000,000 points!
Reset is at 4pm
Feel free to add me to your palpad

Shinies: >38
1/10/11 Shiny Pawniard [Random]
1/10/'11 Shiny Durant [Random]
18/11/'11 Shiny Beldum [Random]
30/9/'12 Shiny Ralts [224th] [SWSH]
23/10/'12 Shiny Nidoran F [Random]
27/11/'12 Shiny Growlithe [625th] [SWSH]
18/12/'12 Shiny Ponyta [129th]
28/12/'12 Shiny Eevee [397th] [Birthday Eve C:]
16/1/'13 Shiny Charmander [123rd] [SWSH]
20/1/'13 Shiny Mareep [162nd] [SWSH]
26/1/'13 Shiny Absol [401st]
2/2/'13 Shiny Mienfoo [517th]
6/2/"13 Shiny Mudkip [48th]
9/2/"13 Shiny Bulbasaur [634th]
13/3/"13 Shiny Squirtle [ 278th]
1/4/"13 Shiny Larvitar [416th] [SWSH]
9/4/"13 Shiny Litwick [171st]
16/4/"13 Shiny MissingNo. [Random]
24/5/"13 Shiny Abra [186th] [SWSH]
4/6/"13 Shiny Cyndaquil [78th] [LateSWSH]
8/6/"13 Shiny Torchic [Random]
15/6/"13 Shiny Finneon [71st] [LateSWSH]
26/7/"13 Shiny Caterpie [554th] [SWSH]
28/7/"13 Shiny Aerodactyl [30th] [SWSH]
6/8/"13 2nd Shiny Eevee [97th]
15/9/"13 2nd Shiny MissingNo. [Random]
21/9/"13 Shiny Magikarp [320th] [SWSH]
23/11/"13 Shiny Azurill [406th] [SWSH]
1/12/"13 Shiny Vanillite [Random]
2/1/"14 Shiny Eevee [623rd]
19/1/"14 Shiny Aipom [67th] [SWSH]
20/1/"14 Shiny Houndour [525th] [SWSH]
16/2/"14 Shiny Chikorita [386th] [LateSWSH]
27/2/"14 Shiny Klink [487th]
24/3/"14 Shiny Doduo [116th] [SWSH]
Shiny Zubat [SWSH]
Shiny Abra [Random]
Shiny Blitzle [SWSH]
..and more!!
Colanopy has no recent activity.

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Expert Explorer (Oct 21/12)
Shiny Collector (Apr 1/13)
Master Clicker (Oct 1/12)
Creationist (Nov 17/12)

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