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 Codename Zeus

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Journal last updated: Friday, June 9th 2017 at 12:09 PM
Feel free to add me to your Pal Pad. However I will only add you if you click back.

Well i guess its time to update this a bit. I recently came back after a long hiatus. A lot has changed since I was last here. As all of you im back to shiny hunting. My primary shiny hunt is Latios. I am also a proud owner of a shiny legendary, my Raikou

So, a few words about me maybe? I'm 20 and single. I'm fairly shy and rarely engage in a conversation with strangers on my own. I can be veeery talkative around my friends though, and love to joke. I love dragons. Love them. Adore them. Yeah. Oh, and I love to draw (especially dragons!). I totally would not mind making some friends here, so drop me a pm if you feel like it!

Heres a special thought from me:

Just when you think that all has gone wrong and luck has left you, stay patient and push on just a little bit longer.
You may be surprised!

I also tend to stalk the lab for legendaries a lot. So be careful with your summons! ouo

Thats it for me. Back to my shiny hunting!

My goals:
All Legendaries
Shiny Latios
and other shinies!

Currently shiny hunting: Dunno, Latios
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