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Journal last updated: Sunday, March 23rd 2014 at 9:34 PM
NEWS;; -- Still working on a Shiny Vulpix, and I've reached over 200 eggs hatched for this baby (though not according to my Shine Recorder, but based on what I have in boxes). Just came back after a super long hiatus. I will do my best to return clicks, forgive me if I'm unable to. When I return clicks, (unless I'm super lazy/tired), I will click all of yours in return. Back to my Shiny Vulpix hunt! I want a Shiny Ninetales so bad it hurts!

22 MAR 2014 UPDATE
Nothing yet as far as a Shiny Ninetales and I've gone through several more Vulpix eggs, but on the plus side, my both of my Winter Vulpix were able to evolve today! :) I now have two gorgeous Winter Ninetales!

= Get a Celebi Egg.
= Attain all first gen starters and their evolutions.
= Breed Magikarps for a shiny.
= Breed Ninetales for a shiny. **IN PROGRESS**
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