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Journal last updated: Saturday, December 29th 2012 at 2:55 AM
Hi there! I'm Matt and my rules are simple. You click me, I click you. You one-click me, I full party click you. Doesn't matter, had clicks. Anyway, I won't be the one losing pass orbs. I always click full party but sometimes I miss some, so I'm sorry about that. I'm also sorry if I sometimes click the wrong berry, that's because I'm going too fast.

Pal pad people get many clicks throughout the day, so do the people who add me to their palpad. I check them multiple times per day and I hardly miss any eggs, except for when I'm sleeping. :P

What Matt wants:
Shiny Eevee + evolutions
Shiny Ralts + evolutions
Shiny Munchlax + evolution
Shiny Legendary
Shiny Novelty
Shiny Milotic
Shiny Abra Family
Shiny Starters[/c]

What I have:

Litwick -- May 14th (Shelter)
Duskull -- Jan 1st (Secret Santa)

Dialga -- May 30th -- Lab -- Summoned by someone else
Heatran -- Dec 22nd -- Lab -- Summoned by mee!
Primal Dialga -- Jan 15th -- Lab -- Summoned by someone else
Cresselia -- Jan 15th -- Lab -- Summoned by mee!
Groudon -- Jan 22nd -- Shelter -- Got from the Safari Zone! O_O
Manaphy -- Jan 28th -- Shelter -- Got from Safari Zone! O_O
Fake Groudon -- Mar 4th -- Lab -- Summoned by mee!
Latias -- Dec 6th -- Lab -- Summoned by mee!

Peace out yo. Ralts will rule the world!
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