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Chryskawaiidesu's Profile

Journal last updated: Tuesday, January 3rd 2017 at 2:51 AM
Only just recently re-remembered this place existed! Sorry if I don't click back; I may not have even come on site today.

I am three hours behind the server time, so try to click well before reset just in case. I always do my best to do full-party clicks whenever I get on GPX, though the site's been slow for me sometimes; if I don't click through your full party and I was online, this's probably why.
I appreciate any and all clicks, though full-party clicks are the one that make me smile all sparklydesulike. One note though; full-clickers/friends/users-that-have-added-me-that-full-click get priority over one clickers. =w=;

I'm very unlikely to add you to my pal pad unless I know you from elsewhere or your profile REALLY REALLY piques my interest. Feel free to add me to yours and click my party though, because people on my interaction list always get clickbacks so long as I can get online.

Aspear = Sour
Cheri = Spicy
Chesto = Dry
Pecha = Sweet
Rawst = Bitter

If you want to find me elsewhere (inactively):
dA/sA/TegakiE: chrystalclear

[x]Female Skitty
[]Male Pikachu
[]Female Lopunny
[]Male Makuhita
[]Male Meowth
[]Second Male Charmander - It's a Charmander Clone though, not that I'm complaining
[]AzureCerberus Male Houndoom
[]Female Luxray
[]Female Chikorita
[]Eevee and all its evolutions
[]Clone Starters
[]All the Unown
[x]A Shiny
[x]A Legendary (preferably Shaymin)
[x]At least one Dracowymsy
[x]All Starters (Thanks Murkleton!)
[x]A Novelty
Fill up the Pokedexes as much as possible!

||||~~~*#Part of the Clicking Coalition#*~~~||||
Every berry Counts
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