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Prize Points: 84
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Joined: Sat. Nov. 24/12
Last seen: Thu. Jan. 30/20 (Desktop)
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From: Canada
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Chr0nicQueen's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, February 1st 2018 at 12:41 PM
--In Need Of Serious Updating--
Pokemon is life. All day, Catching and hatching em' all.

Canadian Stoner, Welder, Metal Head, Gamer.
I love my perfect Chr0nicKing <3

35 total Shinies

Completed Hunts: Dedennex2 Drifloon Togepi Yamask Amaura Phione Pumpkaboo Sigilyph Ekans Spiritomb Chimchar Espurr NidoranF Klefki Swinub Duskull Hawlucha Goomy Golett Honedge Burmy(Gro+Gra+St) Caterpie Rowletx3 ChocolateMiltank NidoranM Porygon Mimikyu
Random Shinies:FossilTirtouga-Illumise-Rufflet-Litleo
Current Hunts:Eevee-Lotad-Delibird-Omanyte-Bonsly-Litten-AlolanVulpix-Rockruff-Cutiefly

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