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Journal last updated: Friday, January 22nd 2010 at 3:05 PM
OMG A BICYCLE. DO WANT. I'll never make it to Fuschia City without one

I will never save enough money for the Itemfinder, lol.

Attention: I am currently rehearsing for a play. Many nights this will keep me from doing much clicking out, although I will certainly click back if I'm back before reset.

Currently trying for the Kanto Champion achievement.

I have become a mass clicker. I probably need more of a social life.

Pokemon in my duplicates box(es) will be released when I have the Hoarder achievement. Which will be a while.

I saw some journals that said they wouldn't click anyone who used bad words in their journals, but fuck that.

I try to click back as much as possible. If you just one-click, I will try to click you back, but one-clickers are last priority.

I'm Rebecca, I just turned 20 (oh god I'm not a kid anymore WTF), and... that's about it.

And I'm in college, so I'm not on the site as much as I would be if I weren't. :P Don't be offended if I don't click you back, because chances are I haven't seen that I got clicked. I'm pretty obsessive about clicking back when I see bold names.

11/20 Holy crap I got a Mew <333333333333
1/07/10 Holy awesome I made it to the Most Interactions Today list! It will never happen again. Today was also my interaction record: 7,352
1/11 I saw my first Manaphy. Got it! :D
1/19 Lol, got myself by hitting the random button.
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