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 Cherubi Problematique

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Points: 1,057,818
Pass Orbs: 4,566

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Prize Points: 451
Ranking: 1,293
Joined: Tue. Mar. 29/11
Last seen: Sun. Sep. 19/21 (Desktop)
User group: Members
From: Austria
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    Cherubi Problematique's Profile

    Journal last updated: Sunday, May 17th 2020 at 2:34 PM
    I don't actively trade, but if any of my mutual pal pad friends gives me something I'm sure to return the favour as soon as I receive a trinket you don't already have.
    So sorry if it seems like I don't gift back, in that case I simply have nothing you still need :(

    last 5 shinies
    76. Dark Arbok (02/28/20, 31 eggs)
    77. Kommo'o (04/04/20, 352 eggs)
    78. Alolan Ninetales (04/22/20, 627 eggs)
    79. Chandelure (05/14/20, 978 eggs)
    80. Eldegoss (05/16/20, 63 eggs)

    wanted shinies
    Absol, Rayquaza, Cherubi, Crystal Onix (again)

    Adamant Orb 2x, Armour Fossil 4x, Big Mushroom 23x, Big Pearl 22x, Claw Fossil 4x
    Corruption Orb 2x, Cover Fossil 8x, Damp Rock 5x, Dawn Stone 30x, Distressing Disguise 1x
    Dome Fossil 7x, Dusk Stone 13x, Empty Cup 1x, Empty hands 92x, Escape Rope 16x, Eviolite 10x
    Fin Fossil 7x, Fire Stone 22x, Flags 20x, Flame Orb 9x, Focus Sash 15x, Green Orb 1x
    Heart Scale 17x, Heat Rock 1x, Helix Fossil 9x, Icy Rock 2x, Ice Stone 3x, Jaw Fossil 1x
    Leaf Stone 28x, Lunar Wing 2x, Lustrous Orb 2x, Magma Rock 2x, Mismagius Grimoire 1x
    Moonstone 16x, Nugget 16x, Old Amber 6x, Old Bell 3x, Pearl 18x, Pinkan Berries 2x
    Plume Fossil 9x, Potato Battery 2x, Rainbow Wing 1x, Rare Bone 15x, Red Orb 1x, Root Fossil 4x
    Sail Fossil 2x, Saltwater Bucket 1x, Shiny Stone 24x, Silver Wing 1x, Skull Fossil 1x
    Snowball 1x, Sprite Changer 10x, Stardust 32x, Star Piece 21x , Sun Stone 24x
    Sweet Honey 17x, Terrifying Tophat 1x, Thunderstone 27x, Tiny Mushroom 13x, Twinkie 1x, Water Stone 30x
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