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    Journal last updated: Saturday, March 26th 2011 at 5:19 PM

    Back and ready for clickin!


    [ ] Shiny Whimsicott
    [x] Shiny Furret
    [ ] Shiny Caterpie
    [] Shiny WOOPER

    [ ] Mew
    [ ] Lugia
    [x] Shaymin
    [ ] Raikou
    [ ] Entei
    [ ] Suicune
    [x] Kyogre
    [x] Celebi
    [x] Rayquaza

    [x] Winter Vulpix (female)
    [x] Easter Buneary (female)
    [x] Dracowymsy (regular)
    [x] Missingno (Aerodactyl)
    [x] Charmander Clone (male)
    [ ] Pokii (Attack form)
    [x] Bidofo

    [ ] Wailord (m)
    [ ] Mamoswine (m)
    [ ] Politoed (m)
    [ ] Drifloon (m)
    [ ] Pichu (m)

    3/15/10 - Got a Rayquaza egg from an event! Adopted 2 Easter Buneary eggs from the shelter!!
    2/14/10 - Got a Winter Vulpix, Dracowymsy and Crystal Onyx from the shelter! (ily Sigma)
    Valiance reaches 100! Thank you guys so much for clicking him there! -cuddles him-
    2/13/10 - Got a Zergoose from the shelter!
    2/10/10 - Hatched Shaymin!
    2/9/10 - Got a Shaymin egg!
    2/8/10 - Figured I'd post this for fun. In pokemon diamond I caught my first shiny! A Wurmple! =) I've seen 4 shinies in all, but he's the only one fate let me catch xD
    2/4/10 - 6:51am Latios hatches! Yayy! Got a Missingno in the shelter!
    1/31/10 - Got 1500 interactions, woo! Prolly gonna go for 3500 next chance I get. I also Hatched & Evolved Valiance today! Arcanine's are my favorite Pokemon.
    1/30/10 - I got a Latios today on my first day! I really want a mew, and a shiny Buneary most of all

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