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 Charstar Max

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Journal last updated: Thursday, January 6th 2011 at 9:58 PM
Well, I'm not poking anything anymore, since I have a feeling that that ship has sailed.
Therefore, I decided to nickname a Farfetch'd Ike, and...I found Rayquaza in the Shelter! Granted, it's still nomming on me... o~o
I'm just here to fill my dex and make it somewhat easier for you to do the same.

If I have a Pokemon in my party, either I forgot to store it, I decided not to store it, or it needs happiness to evolve. Either way, please feed them the right berry!

To all One-Clickers(though I wish you'd click 'em all), click the egg closest to hatching please, thanks!

Current Objectives
Complete Kanto Dex(108/151)
Match Egg Dex to Pokedex
Create a Charmander Army
Create an Absol Army
Get all the female Starters

[X]Riolu(is now Lucario)
[X]Dratini(2 and a Dragonair)
[X]Charmander(is now Charizard)
[X]Kadabra(is now Alakazam)

[/]Lati Siblings(Latias)

[]Amulet Coin
[]Silph Scope
[]Secret Key

Lucky Breaks
[3]the Old Man
[3]Treasure Chest
[3]Event Egg
[3]Manaphy Egg!!!<(^D^)^ <(^D^)^ <(^D^)^
[10]Random Item

Status Report
National Dex: 139/493
Kanto Dex:108/151

Johto Dex:

Hoenn Dex:

Sinnoh Dex:

Legends: 6
Shinies: 1
Novelties: 20

Please play with the Onix! I need them at Lv. 35 for explorations.

Berry Smart First-Gen Guardian Charstar of the 1/6 League and the Absol Army
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