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 Charlie Piers

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Journal last updated: Saturday, October 29th 2011 at 2:00 PM
Two Years on GPX now. I might not be the most active user, but I'm still here and still loving the site. Keep on keeping on, GPX.

Attention:I am so sorry for not clicking these last few days! I've been busy with the upswing in school work and haven't had the time! Thank you to all the people who still clicked. I'll try to get back to clicking regularly, again! (this pretty much still stands...)

;-; I love my Winter Ninetales. They're so beautiful. Shiny Winter Ninetales hatched 10/29. It's the first time it's snowed here in October since 1953.

First Shiny: Combee 6/28

||||~~~*#Part of the Clicking Coalition#*~~~||||
(See Feign for details)

Hey, thanks for visiting. Charlie here, my character from Platinum. As you can probably guess, I still like Pokemon.

It's never been one of my priorities in any of the games to collect all the monsters, so I figured that here was a good place to do that.

I click back all eggs for anyone who clicks any number of mine.
->But I put an evil curse on one-clickers who take advantage of that hospitality :D
It's you losing the points, yeah? And I've also been know to become completely and irrationally irate with one clickers at odd times, so I'll just speed click through their party and not care if I actually get them all or not.

If you add me to your Pal Pad, PM me on GTS, and I'll return the favor.
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