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Journal last updated: Wednesday, September 28th 2016 at 11:25 PM
Hi everyone! Please help me with Social Network by adding me to your Pal Pad, and PM me if you want me to add you back!

2014-Aug-06: Joined GPX+.
2014-Aug-11: Johto Egg Dex filled! Onward to filling the entire Johto Dex...
2014-Aug-13: Discovered that one of my Larvitar offspring eggs ended up Shiny!
2014-Aug-14: Summoned Ho-oh from Enigma Stone! (Bought the Pass Power, but got it on the second page)
2014-Aug-15: First Shiny! A random Swablu from the lab!
2014-Aug-16: Mamasaurus Rex (Tyranitar) returned with Rank 1 from the Poke Hunt! :D First Rank 1!
2014-Aug-16: Dear god, a second random shiny... Zangoose!
2014-Aug-16: I don't deserve this... Three shinies in two days: Winter Deerling this time! I should stop collecting dex entries and go back to my hunts so maybe I'll get the shinies I want!
2014-Aug-18: Second person site-wide to complete Scavenger task of the day (Magcargo/Solrock 55+)!
2014-Aug-22: Improved Battle Subway streak from 11 to 40 just by adding Leftovers to Azumarill.
2016-Aug-26: Came back after 2 years away. o_O
2016-Sep-13: SHINY MAREEP after 222 eggs!
2016-Sep-16: Kanto Dex filled.
2016-Sep-23: Johto Dex filled.
2016-Sep-28: Fifth hatched Shiny: Anorith for (an agonizingly long) SWSH, after 443 eggs.
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