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 Champion NBloom

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Points: 3,700
Pass Orbs: 7

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Prize Points: 9
Ranking: 13,946
Joined: Mon. Jan. 27/14
Last seen: Thu. Mar. 2/17 (Desktop)
User group: Newbies
From: United States
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    10,240/10,240 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
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Champion NBloom's Profile

Journal last updated: Friday, October 14th 2016 at 8:33 AM
Next shiny hunt is: Beldum! Wish me luck!

Mega Stones in my possession (in order of time collected):
Mewtwonite X, Scizorite, Alakazite, Blazikenite, Houndoomite, Gengarite, Charizardite Y, Ampharosite, Venasaurite, Garchompite, Medichamite, Banettite, Abomasite, Lucarionite, Mewtwonite Y, Aerodactylite, Sceptilite, Audinite, Swampertite, Heracronite, Kangaskhanite, Tyranitarite, Altarianite, Charizardite X, Mawilite, Gardevoirite, Sablenite, Metagrossite, Sharpedonite, Blastoisinite, Salamencite, Alpha Sapphire, Latiasite, Omega Ruby, Manectite, Aggronite, Gyaradosite, Beedrillite, Steelixite, Ascension Stone, Diancite

Number of Megas: 24 (16 by me) (2 Primals)
Number of Shinies: 7 (5 hatched by me)
Number of Legends: 18 (13 if duplicates don't count)
Champion NBloom has no recent activity.

Champion NBloom's Showcased Achievements

Legendary Seeker (Dec 4/14)
Novelty Collector (Mar 11/14)
Lucky (Jul 13/14)
Shiny Hunter (Dec 5/14)
Great Success! (Oct 21/14)
Expert Breeder (Nov 4/14)

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