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Pass Orbs: 5

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Joined: Sat. Sep. 27/14
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From: United Kingdom
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    Journal last updated: Tuesday, January 20th 2015 at 10:18 AM
    Just doing this for fun hoping to find shinys as well.

    Please help my Pokemon/eggs grow!

    Shiny Count: 16

    1st: Trapinch
    2nd: Bouffalent
    3rd: Golett
    4th: Misdreavus
    5th Druddigon
    6th Totodile - 107th
    7th Totodile
    8th Espurr #197 site wide shiny hunt
    9th Espurr #335 site wide shiny hunt
    10th Cottonee #295
    11th Noibat #215
    12th Noibat
    13th Vulpix #32
    14th Shieldon
    15th Seviper
    16th Kricketot
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