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Journal last updated: Sunday, November 21st 2021 at 9:53 AM
30.5.21 Lose My Tears > Cedrus
Please note: if i only interact with one of your Pokémon, I was proper berry feeding (for explorations) and didnt have time to do more, sorry about that. I'll try to interact with everybody who's been online for the day if I do have time for it! :)
My local time is 6 hours ahead of server time, so I click at weird times. Sorry to everyone who is not in a european timezone lol

[x]Achievement: Hatching Insanity
[x] Achievement: Feed A Country
[] Achievement: Insatiably Curious
[] Achievement: Undaunted
[] Achievement: Elite Explorer

[x] Achievement: Creationist
[x] Achievement: Darwinist
[x] Achievement: Elite Clicker
[] Achievement: Master Commuter... i dont think thats gonna happen
[] Achievement: That Everlasting Flame!! just cause

[x] Get in top 10 Pokémon released in a day
[x] Get in top 10 Pokémon obtained in a day
[x] Get in top 10 pokemon evolved in a day
[x] Get in top 10 pass orbs spent in a day
[x] Get all three targets in a SWSH
[x] Complete a full scavenger hunt
[] Have a single pokemon with 100k interactions. Just for kicks really.
[] Get in top 10 max walker interactions!
[] Some shiny exploration legendary hunt
[] Get ALL shiny novelties. Now thats a mission lol

i gave up on SN achievement in 2015

25 april 2020: Elite Clicker achievement. i cant stop crying. we did it kids
next *big* goals: Undaunted achievement and 10 5 million pokewalker steps for some reason.

some random progress:

10-2020: 1.250.000 pokewalker steps
11-2020: 2m pokewalker steps

3-2020: 2,5m total interactions
10-2020: 5m total interactions

Peak rank: 205 (November 2020)

Thank you so much for this
Cedrus has no recent activity.

Cedrus's Showcased Achievements

Feed a Country (Feb 9/20)
Creationist (Feb 15/20)
Elite Clicker (Apr 24/20)

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