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Journal last updated: Friday, October 19th 2012 at 1:47 AM
Charizard Card [R10]
Crest of Suicune [R10]
Shiny Swablu Doll [R10]
Time Gear [R10]
Berlitz Heirloom [R9]
Elemental Emblem [R8]
Entei Mask [R8]
Johto Pride [R8]
Pidgeot Ice Sculpture [R8]
Raikou Mask [R8]
Suicune Mask [R8]
Tri-Stone [R8]
Amethyst Rose [R7]
God's Wheel [R7]
Mewtwo's Helmet [R7]
Meloetta Doll set [R7]
Crystal Vaporeon [R6]
Crystal Flareon [R6]
Crystal Jolteon [R6]
Cynthia Fashion Doll [R6]
Melody Symbol [R6]
Pikachu Tail [R6]
Reshiram Lunch Box [R6]
Shiny Zorua Fur [R6]
Snivy Leaf [R6]
Time Pendant [R6]
Hacked Game Cartridge [R5]
Butterfree's Potion [R4]
Winter Vulpix Toy [R4]
Key to Your Heart [R3]
Azurite Rose [R2]

ALNM-SOASN: This box is the acronym of a story on Fanfiction[DOT]net called "A Little Night Music" by srgeman. In this story, a young girl had killed herself and came back as and Eeve, the starter pokemon of her best friend. I can't explain the entire story without accidentally spoiling a good number of events, I love it that much. But despite the grammar issues - which usually send me running the other way - this story has grabbed me by the throat and has affected me so much, I'm making a box made of pokemon nicknamed after the pokemon characters (both major and those mentioned in passing). SOASN is from the fic's sequel "Smiles of a Summer Night" so I can put those pokemon in as well.
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