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Journal last updated: Thursday, February 28th 2013 at 5:40 PM
I constantly remove this stuff because it is old, but I cannot bring myself to save it, because me and my siblings past selves did this.

Hey, if you adopted one-of whatever I bred, there's a high percent i'll click it, and your whole party.

No! My Yabukuron wont breed with anything! No male finds her attractive! There has to be some man that finds her ravishing dirty looks the icing to his cake~!

Don't ask me what I'm writing not even I know o_o

Stop, now lean in closer, now back up again. Go into your kitchen, come back, wait... if you actually did what I told you and went into your kitchen you wouldn't know to come back, though you eventually would. If you've just been reading this and not bothering to do a single thing I've told you well.... Good for you! who follows random peoples commands anyway? :3 though if you did do what I said I appreciate it :3 first you, then the world. ^_^

Unknown Soldier" by Breaking Benjamin
Hawthorne Heights
Song: Boy
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