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 Captain Jack Harkness

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Captain Jack Harkness's Profile

Journal last updated: Wednesday, March 30th 2011 at 9:07 PM
Why, hello there, [Ms., Sr., Variations there upon]. Name's Captain Jack Harkness. How about you and I get together and click some pokemon.

-insert strange noises here-

Come again anytime, I'll be here for awhile. ;]

Warning: Captain Jack Harkness(c) is not responsible for any questioning of one's sexual orientation that may occur. Captain Jack Harkness(c) is also not liable for any damages, may they be physical, mental, or monetary, caused by Daleks, cybermen, and/or other. Captain Jack Harkness(c) may or may not be contacted/the cause in the case of alien abduction. In the appearance of one The Doctor, may it be good or bad, please contact Captain Jack Harkness(c).

Once you're with The Doctor
your whole life will change
'cos once you're with The Doctor
you are not estranged
No mother is not proud of you.
No brother acts ashamed.
And all of Time has to love you
when by The Doctor you're acclaimed.
And this gift or this curse I have inside
Maybe it lasts don't know why.
When we are hand in hand
The Doctor and I.

(Formerly kittenk3)

[Goodbye Ace ;-;]

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