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 Captain Hans Gunsche

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Captain Hans Gunsche's Profile

Journal last updated: Tuesday, March 16th 2010 at 4:37 AM
|| A C T I V I T Y ||
So this March event was the last straw. I haven't gotten anything, from events and the shelter, since September. Seven months of no rares/novelties. GPX has grown so much that the competition is getting crazy. It's too much, especially when I don't have the time to sit here every day and refresh the shelter for hours. So long, GPX. It was fun while it lasted (and when your population was a lot smaller).

|| R E M I N D E R S ||
"A purple egg with odd markings on it. The markings resemble a face. The egg's texture is surprisingly soft."
Party-lock March 15
1 Munchlax/Starly/Gulpin/Gastly/Meditite/Ralts/Slugma
Magmar - Magmarizer
Happiny - Oval Stone (x2)
Pupitar - 55
Bagon - 50
Pokewalker: 150 per click. 2216

|| C L I C K S ||
x Full Party = Full Party w/ correct berries
x Less than full party = One less than what you clicked
x 1-Click = 1-Click
x I don't click one-clickers who have one poke in their party.
x I do not check back on those I have already clicked.
x Friends receive full clicks, check-backs, correct berries every day.

|| B R E E D I N G ||
PM me please for trading! If I receive my part of the trade, I will keep breeding until the END OF TIME until you get your part! :3

WANT: Clone Bulbasaur, Clone Squirtle, Crystal Onyx, Remorage, Bidofo, Winter Vulpix, V. Tentacool, Slime Slugma

HAVE: Clone Charmander, Zergoose, Easter Bunneary
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