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 Captain Evil Wolf

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Captain Evil Wolf's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, December 13th 2009 at 10:04 PM
((Not Pokemon but w/e))
11/18/09: I'll be taking a little Break from GPX . School is murdering me. XD But I swear I'll come back, and I will check back in and click my friends list, but I just won't be quite as active as before. I'm sorry!

School has started up again for me and the teachers are piling on the work load. If I ever disappear for a day or so, that's why. ^^ I also click around 8 or 9PM server time.


*Important Note* I will not be breeding my clone pokemon until I have gotten a Silph Scope and I can know how many eggs there are. ^^

R.I.P King of Pop

Hello there, you can call me Evil. ^^

I am a concentrated pokemon obtainer. (I just made that phrase up. XD ) What that means is that I obtain the eggs I want, then level them up to their most evolved form before I move on to other eggs. I know this is a more slow going type of playng, but I feel it's worth it not to have to go back later, with a lot of unevolved pokemon and then try to get them to evolve. ^^ I mostly click full parties. If you click only one or two of mine, I'll only click one or two of yours. I try to get on every day, but if you click my team, and I don't click back, I'm sorry, I'm probably having RL issues and couldn't get to the computer. I'm very sorry if I don't get to you before the time change, I click as fast as I can and sometimes I don't get there...Sorry!

Shiny Hunt~! [Eggs Gotten]
Charmander: 4
Houndour: 2
Poochyena: 1
Magikarp: 1
Growlithe: 1

*Like to Read.
*Love Wolves.
*Love Cats.
*Love to Draw.
*Have an account on Gaia, Dragon Cave and Deviant Art= evilwolf1

~*Questing for*~
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