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 Captain Combusken

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Journal last updated: Tuesday, July 31st 2012 at 4:36 PM
Blaze's Diary, 31st of July
Hey man,

There used to be a mansion where I stand. These days it is nothing more than a set of ruins. Time has been tough on the building. The war was even tougher. For those who do not know which war I am referencing, it is usually known contemporarily as the Type war. Pokemon types used to exist pretty happy. Until a group of scummy Pokemon decided they didn't like it the way it was. A civil war of sorts broke out. The Pokémansion went into disarray. Our owner unfortunately was not around and had been on a break. Pokemon fought Pokemon for type supremacy, within the mansion and out. But nobody could win, mainly due to the existence of type duality. I was fighting for Fire as much as for Fighting.

And whilst some types were generally stronger, such as Dragon type with brute force of Ghost type with their trickery, they simply did not have the personnel required to win against the more numerous Normal types or Bug types, who, in turn, were not strong enough to overcome the stronger types. In the end, each Pokemon retired to their base in whatever habitat suited them best in a stalemate.

Some of them, myself included, disliked this system. We became wanderers, travelling the planet. I myself have discovered several new places, all of which have been extremely interesting. I met up with some old pals, Sparky and Swamps, along the way. We still get on, but being seen together would be a punishable crime, so we mostly stay apart. Life is dull without those I hold dear close. I only decided to return and start this diary because I was at a loose end with what to do in my life. Something needs to be done to stop this awful situation. I am sure there is an answer somewhere, something I can do to return the peace.

But what is that something?
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