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 Candy Lover

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Candy Lover's Profile

Journal last updated: Monday, November 23rd 2009 at 11:43 PM
I have two lvl 100s... and I need to raise Pichu's happiness up to evolve him.
Stats: Tired of changing it, so check the Pokeball in the corner.
I always feed the right berry
I always click back unless you click right before the reset or if I'm away for that day (I'll say if I am) If you click me, this is how I will click you:
You click: I click:
1 Click = 1 Click back
2 Clicks = Full Party
3 Clicks = Full Party
4 Clicks = Full Party
5 Clicks = Full Party
6 Clicks = Full Party
Please don't 2-click me because I'll click your full party back, please help by clicking my full party! I am not a 1-Clicker, as you can see. If I 1-clicked you, that means that I'm either clicking you right now (so in a minute it will show 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6), the computer froze, I took a random break and will get back to you soon, or I just accedently logged off. Click me twice then I will see that I only 1-clicked you, and get you ASAP!

Currently Breeding:
Nobody. Just daycare-ing...

Plus, make sure to click Random Suicune (used to be 515515) because she is as great as me... wait, I'm greater, so she's almost as great as me....

UPDATES Saturday Aug. 12th

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