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Journal last updated: Wednesday, November 30th 2011 at 12:53 AM

I usully only accept trades that offer me a trinket I can't get with my affiliation and I do not currently possess.

This Journal is kinda two years old... But I don't feel like changing it. Besides, the main idea hasn't change. :3

I'm Offline, unless I've forgotten to change my status. My time is GMT -5, so I guess you can do the math. :/ Though sometimes I do get on at illogical times...

It'll be Mystery Egg Day times two! >:3 I'm ready!!!!

(update: I have no idea what I was talking about in my two year old status O.o)

Registered on 6/20/09.

I click people's eggs when I'm bored, when I feel like it, or when someone clicks mine. I'm pretty new here, but GPXPlus has interested me for a while. If you click mine, I'll click yours. School's over, so I usually have the whole day. :)

My Pal Pad:
Reserved for special people, sorry, but if you click, I'll click, so feel free to add me to yours.
Note:If I see signs of inactivity (Ex: no clickbacks, ready eggs unhatched, no updates to journals) for an abnormally long about of time, I'm going to remove you from the list if it's full. If it happens that you come back online and want to be added again, just message me. ;)

I am a proud member of: (also two years old. O.o Am I still part of these groups?)
The 1/6 League
Every Berry Counts
The Berry Smart Group

My goals are old, dunno if they still apply...

Current Goals:Oh, gosh, this is very outdated... Ahhh, well, I guess I'm just saving for a silph scope right now...
Future Goal: to get a MissingNo. egg.
Biggest Goal: to get a Silph Scope and to get as many pokemon as possible. :3 Blanks and question marks in my pokedex annoy me.

Contact Me:
CallMeCarmen (gtsplus forums)
CallMeCarmen has no recent activity.

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