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Points: 229,314
Pass Orbs: 668

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Prize Points: 275
Ranking: 2,202
Joined: Sat. Feb. 14/09
Last seen: Tue. May. 7/19 (Desktop)
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    Egg phase: 6/6
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Journal last updated: Thursday, November 23rd 2017 at 1:09 AM
it's been ten years why am i still on this site

Oro the Shiny Chikorita
Cookie Face the Shiny Gastly
Gin the Shiny Cyndaquil
WaterBottle the Shiny Totodile
Appleskin the Shiny Duskull
Bluegreen the Shiny Ponyta
Cottonbeast the Shiny Ampharos
Aurum the Shiny Shellder
Cerulean the Shiny Seadra
Copper the Shiny Icy Kingdra
Pearwing the Shiny Pidgeotto
GoldenBomber the Shiny Pidgeot
Neon the Shiny Gigalith
Mercury the Shiny Slugma
Garlic the Shiny Gardevoir
Hg the Shiny Magcargo
Clay the Shiny Girafarig
Nitrous the Shiny Slime Magcargo
Green Apple the Shiny Weezing
Seaweed the Shiny Houndour
Cupcake the Shiny Camerupt
Baklava the Shiny Torkoal
Bronze the Shiny Octillery
Pyrite the Shiny Mismagius
Dragonfruit the Shiny Scolipede
Substitute the Shiny Marowak
P-Body the Shiny Porygon-T
Jade the Shiny Emboar
Grape the Shiny Gourgeist
Lemoncake the Shiny Drifloon
Cinder the Shiny Golurk
Frostee the Shiny Vanilluxe
Luna the Shiny Lunatone
Soot the Shiny Mimikyu
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CDB's Showcased Achievements

Kanto Champion (Aug 3/11)
Johto Champion (Aug 5/11)
Hoenn Champion (Aug 8/11)
Sinnoh Champion (Aug 14/11)
Kanto Legend (Aug 28/11)
Johto Legend (Sep 4/11)
Hoenn Legend (Sep 18/11)
Sinnoh Legend (Oct 29/11)
Unova Champion (Aug 13/11)
Unova Legend (May 24/14)
Master Clicker (Apr 14/14)
Master Hatcher (Jul 16/12)
Master Breeder (Mar 11/12)
Master Trainer (Aug 9/11)
Cold-Hearted (Oct 10/11)

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