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Journal last updated: Monday, February 8th 2010 at 5:35 AM
hi = im gunna commit magicide!!!!

internet is being a bitch so sorry if i dont click you back...

Online!!!! (Sometimes i forget to turn my online to offline.) "sorry trainers."

"I'm a member of the Berry Smart Group" :)
"I'm a member of the 1/6 league"
"I am a part of The League Of GoodFellows"

I'm a legendary finder. . . XD. (as you can see :))


a bit about myself: Hey fellow pokemon trainers/breeders. call me cas. its my nickname. Im 18 and im a male. My Occupation in life is being a chef/Pokemon Trainer :P. so yer kinda new to this thing. Getting the hang of it thou. If you want to be friends add me to your pal pad list or add me on MSN : casfart@hotmail.com (don't ask about the name)

- Click-a-Holics anonymous -
pretty much if you click me. ill click back.
If you click whole party ill click whole party back.
Monkey see, Monkey do.
easy yer?....
oh and p.s. i have a addiction of giving the right berries to pokemon. lol.

- Berry Meanings -
Aspear Berry = Sour
Cheri Berry = Spicy
Chesto Berry = Dry
Pecha Berry = Sweet
Rawst Berry = Bitter

- Legendary Goals: -
[]-Get Moltres
[]-Get Articuno
[]-Get Zapdos
[]-Get Entei
[]-Get Suicune
[]-Get Raikou
[]-Get Regirock
[]-Get Registeel
[]-Get Regice
[]-Get Groudon
[]-Get Kyogre
[]-Get Rayquaza
[]-Get Latios
[X]-Get Latias
[]-Get Dialga
[X]-Get Palkia
[X]-Get Giratina
[]-Get Shaymin
[X]-Get Rotom
[]-Get Manaphy
[X]-Get Ho-Oh
[X]-Get Celebi
[]-Get Jirachi
[]-Get Mew
[X]-Get Mewtwo
[X]-Get Deoxys
[]-Get Darkrai
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