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Journal last updated: Monday, April 25th 2022 at 5:51 PM
Slowly working on a Shiny Dex (30%)

Hi, I'm Brianna (or Buri/Bur if you please). I'm an Aquarius/Dragon, I live in Minnesota, I have a cat named Lewis, and I make custom made-to-order Sea Pancake plushies (PM me if interested!).
I'm 34 years old (02/17/88), and have been into Pokemon since I was 10. Got my first card from a friend, a basic set Diglett, and was hooked instantly.
My cousin Nate is also around here, his username is Quilnato12.


Time Zone: CST -6:00 (one hour behind server)
Click me and I click you back. Simple as that.
Note about Trinkets: If I deny your offer, it means I already have what you're offering.


DeviantART: Buri288
Tumblr: Burichu
Flight Rising: Buri288; ID# 227641
Favorite Pkmn: Raichu
Favorite Types: Water, Electric & Fairy
Interests: Anime/Manga, cats, music, food, horror movies/tv, plushies, cute things


Legendaries & Novelties Still Needed
° Arceus
° Volcanion
° Magikarp Forms (except Pink)
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