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Journal last updated: Tuesday, January 3rd 2012 at 5:32 PM
Must encapsulate...

Have you seen this bunny?
( - -)
((') (')
This bunny* is a vicious killer, and you know it! It's my life's ultimate goal him before he gets you!

*Please note that there is a distinct difference between bunnies and rabbits.

Anyway, I appreciate any and all clicks that you can spare my lumpy pixels. :D I always will click your pixels back, unless I don't click them back - in which case I won't click them back. I usually do get around to clicking people back, so please don't become an angst bunny over a few clicks.

I heard that you can't die in peace without hatching a shiny Magikarp. Well, it looks like I'll be able to die in peace now.

NOTE: My faic is becoming fascist due to an over-abundance of idiocies. Because of this, I might be inactive while trying to fix the problem.

Jan. 26th '10 - Victory (with a capital "V")! I got my shiny Buneary on my 76th egg hatched >:D.

Feb. 06th '10 - Got a ditto from the shelter.
Feb. 07th '10 - Got a latios from the shelter.
Mar. 27th '10 - Hatched a shiny Venonat on my 74th egg.
Aug. 08th '10 - Got my first little man
Aug. 13th -10 - Got my first chest. Contained a corruption orb.

"Prepare and prevent rather than repair and repent."

When I'm older, I'm going to become a level sixty-two black mage!

"He sees you when you're sleeping; he knows when you're awake... It must be Edward Cullen! Run, before it's too late!"

"My arm is killing me!".... "I never knew that self-strangulation was possible!"

God: OH MY... Self.


@@@@@@@@@@@...Not random at all!

...En masse!

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