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    Journal last updated: Sunday, February 10th 2013 at 12:01 PM
    Will always click back when it's possible. Most of time, I click during my vacations.

    I've generally hatched more eggs than the number on the Shine Recorder.

    I'm the lucky owner of shiny Legendaries (Uxie and Giratina (this one from safari)).

    Yeah my journal is empty. Maybe I'll complete it another time.

    Legendaries I still need (10):

    Tornadus Thearian form
    Thundurus Thearian form
    Landorus Thearian form
    Black Kyurem
    Keldeo Resolute form
    Meloetta - 2 forms
    White Kyurem
    Brybry has no recent activity.

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    Legendary Collector (Apr 30/12)
    Alphabet Soup (Oct 18/11)
    Kanto Master (Dec 7/10)
    Johto Master (Apr 2/10)
    Hoenn Master (Dec 30/10)
    Sinnoh Master (Jan 8/11)
    Unova Master (Feb 13/11)
    Pokedex Master (Oct 18/11)
    Pokedex Master Plus (Oct 18/11)
    Master Explorer (Oct 27/11)
    Hatching Insanity (May 22/11)
    Shiny Collector (Oct 18/10)
    Master Summoner (Oct 28/10)
    Darwinist (Dec 24/11)
    Creationist (Oct 23/11)

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