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Journal last updated: Friday, October 23rd 2009 at 4:23 PM
We now return you to the continuing tragedy saga of Tatterdemalion and Trenchcoat delivering brain bleach (and mayhem) to Irk Splee's ranch, already in progress. {This is a collaborative effort with Irk Splee, so go check her party page for the previous/next section of the story.}

"SO MAKE WITH THE SHINY!!!" shouted Beth to Trenchcoat.

Trenchcoat spread a bunch of jewelry and random bedazzled objects on the ground before her. "Take a gander at these beauts."

Beth immediately began to sort through the items, tossing the rejects over her shoulder.

"Not shiny, not very shiny, not as shiny as Phinty... OOH!" She help up a necklace consisting of a large peridot on a silver chain. "Its SUPERSHINY and the gem makes RAINBOWS!"

Trenchcoat reached into a pocket and pulled out the matching ring, grinning as she squealed. "I take those plastic cards if you don't have any cash..."

Meanwhile, upset about being accused for things he hadn't done, Daniel had decided to act on the rumor that had been going around about his wanting to set something on fire. Which meant he needed matches. It was while he was busy searching for matches that he bumped into... himself. He was stunned, but his double spoke to him quite casually.

"You go get a barbecue lighter, I'll find some aerosol hairspray."

And what was going on back at The Pokemon Palace?

"Have you had any luck?" asked Curio.

"Not yet," replied Fargo as he clacked away at the keyboard. "Even with Kyuuden boosting the tracker signal, this is a subspace wormhole we're dealing with. Sonata could have ended up anywhere."

"Yeah, but we've only got so many galaxies left," added Dimeo. "We're bound to find her soon. And everyone's been doing a great job of handling things while she's away. Like how you've been impersonating her flawlessly online, Fargo. And your vocal imitation of her!"

"Still no response from Sarah Michelle Gellar's people..." Fargo muttered. "Uh, never mind, keep searching."
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