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Journal last updated: Monday, July 12th 2010 at 5:42 PM
Here's some bullshit, my level 100 Rapidash with a Silk Scarf on Balanced gets beat by a level 1 Mudkip that was Offensive! WTF

My status: My laptop sucks with the new site and I've been called in to work a lot of extra lately. I will do my best to click back when I can. Sorry if I don't get you clicked.
We had our lil guy on 1/26 so I've been a lil busy

1 clickers, just click whatever you'd like :)

******Part of the 1/6 League!******

Thanks for taking the time to click my stuff. I don't really care if you click one or all, but I really appreciate any clicks that you give. I'll click all yours even if you don't on mine. I'm just a nice guy like that :) Just remember, I can't click on an egg ready to hatch. I'm currently working nights so I generally give clicks really early in the morning or later in the evening.

My overall goal is to get 1 of everything. If you have any of the rarer eggs to breed, I'd sure love em. Just send me a msg thru the forums.

9/29 - completed 1-24
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