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 Boogie Ronnster

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Points: 3,523,272
Pass Orbs: 16,873

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Prize Points: 193
Ranking: 183
Joined: Fri. Apr. 2/10
Last seen: Tue. May. 13/14 (Desktop)
User group: Donors
From: United States
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      —Splash Chikorita

    Lv. 100

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    6,400/6,400 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
    Views: 4,742
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    6,400/6,400 ~ 100%

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    6,400/6,400 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
    Views: 4,741
    Unique Views: 8,969
    Interactions: 88
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      —Pokémon Egg

    6,400/6,400 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
    Views: 4,742
    Unique Views: 8,967
    Interactions: 87

Boogie Ronnster's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, July 21st 2013 at 5:58 PM
each day is a battle:caffeine...

07/21: Little clicking til IDK. Im trying really hard to get a certain shiny on another site. Its eating up my freetime as well as a few other games I casually play. Ill prolly click some when Im online and its foggy so I dont feel guilty about misfeeding explo pkmn... I haven't only fed dry berries to EVERYTHING yet btw. Its just tempting for time managements sake...

GPX Activity: Low see above

Social Stuff Online: Low. Im an introvert. I love talking to people, but its very taxing on me mentally. Plus I cant truly be myself on the Internet. To be honest, can anyone? Im also weary of the Internet & its drama. So I might be distant. Im afraid of getting close to ppl too. If anyone really wants to reach me a PM is the best method. BTW Im SLOW with responding. Months could pass even. Im CRAZY anal with typing PMs due to various reasons. The effort can be too stressful. Thus I shamefully avoid it often. I do like PMing sometimes so dont let this deter you.

Forever: Ronnie| Previously: A LOT

end h8

Proud to help get Marriage Equality in MD, USA; Human Rights Activist~

*I give 1 skygift per day IF I remember...
*I randomly gift. No giftbacks expected!
-I return gift favors. Excuse=My OCD~ It MAY be delayed (I keep tabs) OR you may get a skygift instead!

PAL PAD: Dont expect addbacks if you add me. Im fickle.. I remove if inactive Cant bring myself to take ppl off now UNLESS-> Im a mutual pal pad type so if you take me off Ill do the same. (if I need pad space I may remove inactive ppl)

latest sh.: egg #62824 [Chikorita]
? eggs since last sh.
Latest BIG Drought: Lapras ended a 1527 egg drought
Sh. Bred: 66
Sh. Ratio: 237:61850 -> 1:261
Sh. Leggies (no manaphy/corrupted): 1/1003 [Shaymin]
Sh. Corrupted Leggies: 1/154 [S. Lugia]
Trinkets: 2300/2351

Server = My time
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