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 Callie Rose

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Joined: Thu. May. 14/09
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From: United Kingdom
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Callie Rose's Profile

Journal last updated: Monday, February 11th 2013 at 4:14 PM

Shiny Starters -
Kanto - 3/3
Johto - 3/3
Hoenn - 2/3
Sinnoh - 0/3
Unova - 3/3

Paprika the Shiny Trapinch (12)
Sage the Shiny Bulbasaur (23)
Lavander the Shiny Vulpix (103)
Hiccup the Shiny Mareep (321)
Blackburn the Shiny Charmander (120)
Claw the Shiny Poochyena (9)
Unloved the Shiny Relicanth (SWSH (48)) (Traded in Secret Santa 1012 for Shiny Jolteon)
Cookie the Shiny Cottonee (5)
Jade the Shiny Snivy(Random)
Ra the Shiny Larvesta (85)
Shelldon the Shiny Squirtle (302)
Shiny Bibarel (Claimed from Safari Zone)
Shiny Fossill Tirtouga (Claimed from Ban Drop)
Americano the Shiny Rufflet (SWSH (452))
Sausage the Shiny Growlithe (666 lol)
Fang the Shiny Totodile (9)
Tiffany the Shiny Roggenrola (SWSH (67))
Rose the Shiny Petili (110)
Scallop the Shiny Oshawott (176)
Puddles the Shiny Psyduck (244)
Smooch the Shny Gulpin (Race vs Sirnight 212)
Cupid the Shiny Woobat (287)
Shiny Slowpoke (23)
Zuko the Shiny Cyndaquil (65)
Shiny Treecko (91)
Kipper the Shiny Mudkip (196)
Shiny Rustor (Random)
Birthday the Shiny Tepig (279)
Jem the Shiny Dratini (379 (SWSH))
Eva the Shiny Ralts (228 (SWSH))
Honey the Shiny Chikorita (347)
Amythest the Shiny Vaporeon (250)
Minty the Shiny Jolteon (Traded for Shiny Relicanth in '12 Secret Santa)
Socks the Shiny Sentret (21)
Shiny Thundurus (Random) Shiny Legend <3

Long term goals
[ ] Find all Shiny Starters
[ ] Finish badge achievements
[ ] Complete Novelty dex
[x] Finish TBD
[ ] Get all shiny Dragons
[x] Shiny Legend
Callie Rose has no recent activity.

Callie Rose's Showcased Achievements

Kanto Champion (Jul 21/12)
Johto Champion (Jul 13/12)
Hoenn Champion (Jul 31/12)
Kanto Master (Feb 10/11)
Johto Master (Feb 10/11)
Hoenn Master (Jun 13/11)
Sinnoh Master (Jul 12/12)
Unova Master (Jul 11/12)
Persistent (Jul 20/12)

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