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 Blonde Panther

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From: Netherlands
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    Journal last updated: Saturday, January 3rd 2015 at 10:04 AM
    About the Showbox:
    My hidden boxes are nothing special -a living pokedex in progress, a few boxes of Novelties, and a box of Shinies- but in my time on GPX+, I have obtained several Pokemon that I am very fond of. These Pokemon I've put in the Showbox, which is my only publicly viewable box. Most of these Pokemon have the full package of Nickname, Description, Dressed-up, and Level 100. Be sure to take a look!

    Currently working on:
    - Unova+ Badges []
    - Kanto+ Badges []
    - Johto+ Badges []
    - Hoenn+ Badges []
    - Sinnoh+ Badges []

    Future/Current Shiny hunts
    - Vulpix

    Random Shinies
    - Murkrow
    - Mudkip
    - Ducklett

    - Regice
    - Registeel
    - Regirock
    - Jirachi
    - Deoxys
    - Mesprit
    - Uxie
    - Darkrai
    - Arceus
    - Terrakion
    - Cobalion
    - Zekrom
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    Kanto Champion (Aug 5/12)
    Johto Champion (Aug 19/12)
    Hoenn Champion (Dec 11/12)
    Sinnoh Champion (Jan 9/13)
    Unova Champion (Jan 30/13)
    Kanto Master (Jan 8/13)
    Johto Master (Aug 19/12)
    Hoenn Master (Aug 13/12)
    Sinnoh Master (Jan 14/13)
    Unova Master (Feb 7/13)
    Dog Whisperer (May 25/10)
    Crazy About Ewe (Jan 19/13)

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