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Journal last updated: Tuesday, March 16th 2010 at 8:04 PM

||||~~~*#The Clicking Coalition#*~~~||||

If I don't click back:
College is kicking my butt right now, and I feel like I hardly have time to eat, much less play GPX. But rest assured, when I AM on, I WILL return your clicks. Thanks for the understanding.

March 16th:
I got a Raikou egg! My favorite Legendary ever! *does a dance*

Here's how it works for me. If you click (even just once), I will click all your eggs/pokemon. Clickbacks are appreciated. I always feed the correct berry. If I do not click you back, it's probably because I didn't get on before rollover.

If we click regularly, I'll be happy to be a pal-pad buddy.

Thank you to those who click generously!

- - - - - - - - -

Last Evolution: Riolu to Lucario
Last Hatched: Regirock

- - - - - - - - -


Collect All Starters:
[4/4] Gen I
[3/3] Gen II
[3/3] Gen III
[1/3] Gen IV

Fully Evolve All Starters:
[3/4] Gen I
[3/3] Gen II
[3/3] Gen III
[1/3] Gen IV

Seviper VS Zangoose:

Canine Collection (non-legendary):
[x] Ninetales
[x] Arcanine
[] Granbull
[x] Houndoom
[x] Mightyena
[x] Manectric

[x] Gain a legendary
[x] Hatch a legendary
[]Level 100 legendary
[2/3]Original Legendary Trio (Birds)

Still Looking
[]The elusive Little Man/Missingno
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