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Journal last updated: Friday, February 11th 2011 at 2:38 PM
*(Name:....*looks at pokewatch* Keya =(>W<)= meeeeoooowww!!
Age:...*looks back at pokewatch* 21
Gender:....*Stares clue less....flygonlover wacks Kaya...oh female* :P tehe
Partners:..*Pokes her friends*
Recently: Working..
Hair/Eye Color: Hair: Black w/Purple Banges Eyes: Mixed with green and blue w/Yellow rem (Contacts lol)


~Never abandon pokemon/eggs
~I always give the right berrys (Starting day 9/16)
~Always click full
~I click really fast...
~if you have a egg that is cracked i wait a bit so you could hatch it..and i click it
soo ya i kinda i don't know the newest pokemon because i am really busy to find out soo maybe i will find out after a while....i am a very busy artiest...my job lol
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