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Journal last updated: Tuesday, March 1st 2016 at 1:54 PM
Hey everyone! I'm BlackTailmon.

I trade Trinkets. I think I'll stick to some fairly basic rules. I will trade Special Month based Trinkets for Special Month based Trinkets only. I only want Trinkets that I don't have already for the moment, I'd prefer Trinkets that can't be obtained by Wulfenite, but I won't necessarily say no to Wulfenite offers. I need more Azurite trinkets than Malachite ones because I have so many awesome Malachite friends.

Completed Goals
My first goal was to get as many Achievements as possible before I got the Happy Anniversary achievement.
--285/300 (286 if counting Happy Anniversary)
--Finish UnownDex (28/28)

--Finish Non-Shiny Living Dex (1027/1054)
--Finish LegendaryDex (71/88)
--Finish ArceusDex (1/18)
--Increase Rank
--Collect all Trinkets
--Finish ShinyDex
BlackTailmon has no recent activity.

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Unova Legend (Feb 14/13)
Godsend (Jul 29/15)
An All Night Thing (Mar 3/13)
Corrupter (Jan 16/13)
Dedicated (Jun 7/13)
Great Success! (Feb 17/13)
Persistent (May 24/13)
Master Hatcher (May 15/13)
Master Breeder (Mar 14/13)
Finish What You Started (Mar 1/13)
Can't Pass It Up (Sep 19/13)
Novice Collector (Jan 21/13)

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