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Journal last updated: Saturday, May 13th 2017 at 8:50 PM
hello there, im Bippa

nov 2016 - ive been a member of this site and the GPS forums since mid-2009, as im writing this its November 2016. thats the middle of high school to nearly at the end of uni. i'm pretty much always at my PC and so i'm always lurking on the GPX Discord.

i used to be a bit obsessed with bidoof, their japanese name inspired a name change in me, i dont even know what my old name was anymore, something pretty poor no doubt. that was probably about 4-5 years ago but there's no point changing it really, its part of who i am here

may 2017 - i've pretty much stopped playing, but it's been a bloody pleasure. years and years of my life growing as a teenager were spent on here, i started at 14 and i'm now 21. always thought i'd return and play as much as i could, but life seems to get in the way and i find myself having other things to do that i need and want to prioritise.

i felt it best to keep this journal as it was when i last updated it (november 2016). i'll never forget the addiction i had for gpx, this game was, at its peak, incredible to be a part of. the first time i got an easter buneary was amazing, the joy of hatching my first novelty was a feeling i will remember for a while, feeling part of the unique group of users who'd actually bagged one is something i know i'll remember as something more than it really was.

special shoutout to those who i met on neoseeker, back in the day those pokemon diamond tips, tricks, and trades wouldnt come easy. i feel bad that i spoke to so many people whose names i cant remember anymore. the only person i can remember well is aether. thanks for giving me a DP and sig that didnt suck! i wish the best to everyone whos still playing and keeping this wonderful website afloat, but i think my time playing has passed. all the best <3
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