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Journal last updated: Tuesday, December 17th 2019 at 2:25 PM
Hi there!!!
I'm Brazilian and 32 years old.
Add me to your Pal Pad if you want regular clicks exchanges, or simply click mines often

Some notes:
·I'll click back as soon as I notice.
·If you'll click only one of my pokes, please, click the first pokemon.

Thanks for clicking my party!!!


Locked achievements
· Expert Clicker: Get 7,250 interactions in one day.
· Master Clicker: Get 12,500 interactions in one day.
· Master Hatcher: Hatch 3,000 Pokemon eggs.
· Master Breeder: Breed 4,000 Pokemon eggs.
· Master Feeder: Feed a Pokemon the proper berry 50,000 times.
· Corporate GPXPlus: Have a million points on hand at one point in time.
· Pokedex Master Plus: Have pokédex full.
· Total Bankruptcy: 10 000 total interactions and 0 points.
· Pokii's Rage: Shiny Gulpin.
· Youngster Joey: 6 Adamant rattata
· So i herd: Hatch 30 Mudkip eggs.
· Summer Job: Give 100 Pokémon a drink.
· Shrewd Bargainer: Buy at least 10 items during a sale.
· Shine Master: Complete 8 shiny hunts using the Shine Recorder.
· Persistent: Complete a Shiny Hunt lasting over 500 eggs.
· All Geared Up: Obtain a shiny Klink.
· Can't Pass It Up: Have over 3,000 Pass Orbs.
· What's In The Box?: Have 50 unopened trinket boxes.
· Perfect 10: Have 10 different rarity 10 trinkets in your possession.
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