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Journal last updated: Wednesday, September 23rd 2009 at 2:25 PM
Things are kind of busy for me right now, so I'm on a little clicking break.

My timezone's GMT 1 (6 hours ahead of server time). So if you click when it's in the middle of the night for me I'm sorry but I won't be able to click back then.

Thanks to all people who breed special pokes. I'll be breeding them now, too. :D

- Get enough Points to buy a Silph Scope and a Shelter Pass.
- Get a Shiny Easter Buneary. (Count: 9)
- Get a Bulbasaur Clone, Squirtle Clone, Charmander Clone, Easter Buneary, Crystal Onix, Zergoose, Slime Slugma
- Get all Starters

Poké Log
~ 8/28 & 30 Phinone and Rotom egg found in the shelter.
~ 8/ 31 Two Easter Buneary eggs! A pair to breed. <3
~ 9/1 Caught Zergoose in the shelter. Got an Manaphy Egg! ZOMG
~ 9/3 & 9/4 3rd and 4th Easter Buneary egg obtained.
~ 9/5 Snatched a Tyranitar and a female Blastoise - thanks CRaTeR! E.Buneary Egg count up.
~ 9/6 Found a Bidofo Egg and a Squirtle Clone Egg! *dances* Got clicked by Commander Wymsy, wohoo.
~ 9/7 Got a Bulbasaur Clone. Found a Red Orb which I sold, kaching!~ Double Easter Time ^o~
~ 9/9 Snatched a Crystal Onix Egg and E.Bunny Egg. Yeah! Caught Crystal Onix later that day.
~ 9/10 Another Easter Buneary Egg. I'm a Bunny person.

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