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    Journal last updated: Thursday, January 28th 2010 at 10:53 PM
    You know what? I'm done with this bloody game. I'm tired of the retarded novelties they keep adding for their own ego-stroking, I'm tired of having to click on junk until my brain feels like cottage cheese just because they decided on some god-awfully high number, and I'm tired of the angry octopus staring at me.

    Yes, I'm blocking the damn ads. Why? Because I hate moving/talking ads, they slow the site down, and if they really wanted a bit of funding, why don't they GET NINTENDO'S PERMISSION?!

    Oh, wait... they don't HAVE that, so technically, what they're doing is illegal usage of copyrighted stuff ANYWAYS.

    All my pokemon have been released, and Im just watching them get adopted by other people. Deleting the links I have saved...

    Anyone that may want to contact me (I have no idea why, but you can), I have my IM info on the forums, until they delete my account. I'm on Magistream and Dragon Cave, both as Axiluvia.
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