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Journal last updated: Saturday, March 22nd 2014 at 10:25 AM

Member of the Berry Smart Group

One Clickers aim for the top egg, closest to hatching or levelling up please. If you're a probing one clicker I will normally check your party page.

x clicks = x clicks
Those who click only how many pokemon and/or eggs they have will not get full party clicks, as clicking for me to give full party when you don't is just mean. Instead those found doing so will be clicked by percentage of the entire party clicked.

If I miss you then I apologise, I was probably busy at the time or asleep (I'm on GMT).

- Female Glaceon
- Male Umbreon (Got one male Eevee, serious nature. might evolve him into Umbreon)
- Female Shiny Umbreon
- Ninetales
- Lucario
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