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 Ava of Lavender Town

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Ava of Lavender Town's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, January 24th 2016 at 1:20 PM
~The mysterious Ava has finally come to the decision that she shall be leaving GPXPlus, possibly for good. Goodbye.~

You pick up a discarded journal in a thick forest filled with cliffs and caves. After dusting off the journal's cover you discover it is labeled "Ava". You open "Ava's" journal and thumb through the pages as the journal entries become progressively frantic and disturbing. There are accounts of being attacked by zombie Pokémon and ghosts. There's even a few disturbing entries relating to abandoned Eevees, Hypnos kidnapping children, deathly white Dittos, and crying Cubones. You quickly put down the journal before noticing that under the word "Ava" there's an address to a house in Lavender Town. Seeing that cursed town's name you hastily cover the journal with thick foliage and vegetation and run for the nearest town. The whole way there you begin to wonder, was what I read true?

It is rumored that any user who adds the mysterious "Ava" to their Pal Pad is repaid with daily visits to their Pokémon...
There are currently 173 users reaping these benefits.

User(s) highlighted on Ava's Pal Pad:
Fate Fortune

Gambrinous Antiscian

Perhaps you should add them...?

If you send me a Skygift, please let me know that you were who sent it so I can return the favor.

Trinkets Needed: 65
I'd appreciate some help in completing my trinket collection. If you would please send me trinkets that I don't presently own, I'll return the favor by sending you some in return.


Completed ~ Incompleted
456/456 (100%) Eggs ~ 0/4 (0%) Eggs
953/953 (100%) Pokémon ~ 0/60 (0%) Pokémon
77/953 (8%) Shinies ~ 0/60 (0%) Shinies
Ava of Lavender Town has no recent activity.

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Kanto Legend (Oct 27/12)
Johto Legend (Nov 15/12)
Hoenn Legend (Nov 18/12)
Sinnoh Legend (Nov 16/12)
Unova Legend (Feb 18/13)
Legendary Collector (Jun 19/13)
Novelty Collector (Aug 18/12)
Elite Explorer (Oct 11/13)
Master Hatcher (Oct 6/13)
Master Breeder (Jun 9/13)
Master Trainer (Oct 15/12)
Master Feeder (Oct 27/12)
Master Summoner (Jun 4/13)
Elite Clicker (Jun 21/13)
Master Collector (Feb 12/13)

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