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Journal last updated: Friday, March 23rd 2012 at 10:52 PM
Got my fricking shiny Ponyta heck yes!!!

I will definitely click you back!

Please click on Kurt Hummel, he's my brother. : D


Ponyta: 1/517
Cherubi: 1/328 [competition]
Charmander: 1/293
Horsea: 1/278
Squirtle: 1/218
Solosis: 1/214 [competition]
Magikarp: 1/198
Treecko: 1/69
Electrike: 1/60
Azurill: 1/50
Zubat: 1/24
Dratini: 1/1
Toxicroak:1/0 (Found this one in the shelter! ' o ')
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