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Journal last updated: Sunday, October 21st 2012 at 3:26 AM
Click Eevee64, Lucariogirl and Dark Koopa. They are absolute legends.

Manga challenge is on hold ATM while I complete my unova dex. Curse my attention span!

==~The clicker previously known as AuraKnight67~==
Clicking Back at the speed of light,
Please click the eggs of AuraKnight

Meowth! That's right!


You may know me from the BitF Forums.

Looking over the achievements, I hope they start adding manga pokemon, cause that's what i'm doing next! Staring with red!

Red: 7/7 (YAY!!!!)
Blue: 5/7 (the ones from the R/B/G saga)
Green: 0/6
Gold: 0/6
Silver: 0/6 (i'm going to use a normal Gyarados, I'm keeping Oscar as a magikarp)
Kris: 0/8 (hoo boy...)
Ruby: 0/6
Sapphire: 0/6
Emerald: 0/6
Diamond: 0/5 (subject to change)
Pearl: 0/6 (subject to change)
Platinum: 0/6 (subject to change)


Can I do it all? Let's see...
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