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From: Australia
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Journal last updated: Tuesday, December 29th 2015 at 3:19 AM
~*~*~*Rest in peace my little Butler. You were and always will be one hell of a wattlebird xx ~*~*~*
~*~*~*Rest in peace my little Mollykins...after 17 years, I can't believe we had to say goodbye. I will always love you my little puppy dog xx ~*~*~*

- 20, Australia
- I am Eevee64's younger sister
- Currently studying Certificate III in Animal Science
- I am a registered animal carer, however I specialize in birds :3
- I love anime, animals, video games and drawing

Birdies I have looked after!

Bronzewing Pigeons x8
Senegal Doves x27
Elegant Parrot x1
Turquoise Parrot x2
Lovebird x2
Pink and Grey Galah x2
Red-Cap Parrot x2
Twenty-Eight Parrot x2
Wattlebird x1
Silvereye x4
Rainbow Lorikeet x1
Kookaburra x1
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