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From: France
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    Asch's Profile

    Journal last updated: Friday, April 25th 2014 at 5:26 PM
    Name: Asch
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Country: France
    Hobbies: Reading, playing video games, walking, listening to music and playing the guitar.
    Favorite games: Pokémon, Tales of series, RPGs in a more general way.
    Favorite books: A Song Of Ice And Fire, The Farseer Trilogy.
    Favorite music: Metal.

    Current goals:

    - Badges
    - Persistent
    - Hatching Insanity
    - Happy Ending

    What's new?

    ...Tortured soul...

    Haven't been playing for a long, long time, so what's written in this journal might be quite old. Though I'll try to stick to it as much as I can.
    Life hasn't been easy lately... There's not much left of me now.


    I tend to click quite a lot, or at least I try to. I click as many people as possible, and I always give clicks back to people who interacted with my party. I always do full-party clicks, even if you're a one-clicker. If I forget one or several of your Pokémon, it's not because I don't want to interact with them, but because I clicked too fast or my Internet crashed.
    Please note that I only play GPX when I'm bored, so I may not be online everyday. Still, I'll do my best to give clicks back.

    Pal Pad:

    If you want me to add you to your Pal Pad, just ask! I'll gladly do it. If you add me but I don't add you back, it's likely because I didn't notice that you added me, so don't hesitate to PM me. I can also help you achieve "Social Network" so if you need help, don't be shy and ask!
    Note that people on my Pal Pad get full-party clicks several times a day, as long as I'm online.


    You can PM me to ask me to breed my Pokémon for you. I'll do it if my Daycare is empty or if I don't need it for any personal reason. But please keep in mind that it gives me the right to ask for something in return, if I feel like it.
    Asch has no recent activity.

    Asch's Showcased Achievements

    A Novel Approach (Dec 19/11)
    Kanto Master (Oct 4/10)
    Johto Master (Apr 3/11)
    Hoenn Master (May 26/11)
    Sinnoh Master (Jun 20/11)
    Bringer of Legends (Feb 12/12)
    Shine Master (Jul 27/11)
    Master Clicker (Feb 14/10)
    Master Hatcher (Mar 11/12)
    Master Breeder (Dec 17/11)
    Master Trainer (Dec 24/11)
    Master Feeder (Apr 21/12)
    Pokemon Breeder (Jun 19/10)
    Pokemon Trainer (Jun 25/10)
    Creationist (Oct 21/12)

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