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      —Festive Makuhita

    Lv. 100

Arwen's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, August 12th 2012 at 2:44 PM
Currently not active on GPX+

Currently Stuck At: Painted World of Ariamis - Boss - On Hiatus
Ancient Cistern

I click full parties!
If you return to click me more than once, I will do the same for you!

If I've 1 -clicked you, it's because I clicked your exploration Pokemon first, or used my iphone. I will return to click the rest later. Please click me at least once to help me record your name for my iphone!

Owner of the Berry Smart Group
Do you click correct berries too? Come join us!
Wulfenite Affinity

For those of you who have added me to your PalPad, if I see you online, you get clicks, whether you've clicked me or not.

Priority of clicking
PalPad -> Users who have interacted with me -> Users Online (exploration pokemon) -> Users I have interacted with today

Currently Working On
- Shiny Hunts
- Levelling all current shinies to 100
- Badge achievements
- Sweet Success exploration

Random Failchievements

- 6 / 303 Rats have hatched Adamant since the achievement was released. - Complete!
- Dropped one Dracowymsy egg for a friend back when they were rare... it was a shiny.
- Shiny Gulpin actually took me 498 eggs to complete, and it took me over a year just to hatch that many...
- Missed / Refreshed over [2] non-summonable legendaries in the Shelter so far.
- I've only bred 17 shinies in 6066 eggs. - 1 in 356

[Favorite Games]
Final Fantasy (series), Dragon Age 1 & 2, Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Eternal Darkness, Kingdom Hearts, TWEWY, Zelda, Mario, Castlevania, Ogre Battle, Lufia, Pokemon (surprise).

Steam: Little Miss Smashy Smash
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