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 Aroma Lady Naoka

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Points: 20,050
Pass Orbs: 14

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Prize Points: 3
Ranking: 1,237
Joined: Sat. Apr. 18/09
Last seen: Sat. May. 30/20 (Desktop)
User group: Members
From: Canada
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    Aroma Lady Naoka's Profile

    Journal last updated: Thursday, August 17th 2017 at 1:49 PM
    Chibinaoka -> Aroma Lady Ageha -> Aroma Lady Naoka

    Bonjour! I'm Naoka & I have been playing since the days of Red & Blue. In case you couldn't tell my favourite type is Grass and my favourite Pokémon are Oddish, Gloom, Tangela, Meganium, Whimsicott, Celebi, Shaymin, Azumarill, Togepi, Vaporeon, Eevee, Clefairy, Wartortle, Venonat, Hoothoot, Noctowl, Froslass, Audino, Inkay, Amaura, and many more!

    YELLOW NOTE Trinkets = Curio Collector Achievement

    Joined: April 18 2009
    1st egg obtained: Remoraid
    1st egg hatched: Seel (now Dewgong)
    1st Pokémon to evolve: Remoraid -> Octillery
    1st Novelty: MissingNo.
    1st Event Egg: Darkrai
    1st Legendary: Darkrai
    1st Summoned Legendary: Palkia
    1st Shiny: Machop -> Machoke -> Machamp
    1st Gen V Pokémon: Woobat
    1st Shiny Novelty: Winter Vulpix -> Winter Ninetales
    1st Gen VI Pokémon: Chespin

    Treasure Chests: 21 (possibly 24?)
    Little Man: 22 seen, 21 clicked
    Manaphy Egg: 6 seen, 5 clicked
    Event Eggs (old system): 7

    Memorable Moments:
    -July 2012: 6 Shinies!
    -January 14, 2013: Purchased my first SlowpokeTail!

    Shiny Stats:
    Total: 76
    Random: 21
    Completed Shine Recorder Hunts: 55
    Completed SWSH: 15
    Adopted from Safari Zone: 1
    Longest time hunt: 279 days (Cleffa -> Clefairy)
    Longest egg hunt: 948 eggs (Cottonee -> Whimsicott)
    Quickest time hunt: 14 minutes (Audino)
    Quickest egg hunt: 3 eggs (Bagon)

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    Aroma Lady Naoka's Showcased Achievements

    Hatching Insanity (Aug 9/14)
    I Am Legend (Jul 8/13)
    Slowpoke Tail Connoisseur (Dec 20/14)
    Crazy About Ewe (Jan 15/13)
    Master Clicker (Jul 12/13)

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